A New Approach to Vehicle Construction


A New Approach to Vehicle Construction


Leveraging Patented Technology for Efficient and Innovative Chassis Design


Our patented technology revolutionizes vehicle construction with a unique approach. The vehicle chassis, built from flat sandwich composite structures, is interconnected using a system of connectors. These connectors serve dual purposes - they join panels together and act as mounts for all components attached to the chassis, including motors, wheels, seatbelts, and the vehicle body.


Pioneering cost-effective & efficient solutions

Our unique design, as described in patent EP3538423 and US patent 11161548, offers a cost-effective, efficient, and innovative solution to develop and build LUVs

We concentrate our technology development on the essential components of the vehicle. Focus on the chassis, EAZ (Energy Absorption Zone), body, digital platform, assembly, and processes. For other components, we rely on our trusted suppliers who specialize in those areas.

Super Light and Flexible

Our vehicle body is designed with a super light, thin, and flexible thermoplastic material. This design allows for easy assembly and offers several benefits:

  • Snap-On Assembly: The body parts can be easily assembled and disassembled, providing convenience also during maintenance or repair.

  • No Dents, Just Flex: The flexible material of the body allows it to absorb impacts without denting, enhancing the longevity of the vehicle.

  • No Painting or Treatment Required: The body retains its appearance without the need for additional treatments, reducing production- and environmental costs.

  • Easily Recyclable: The thermoplastic material is easily recyclable, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

  • Quick Replacement: Any damaged part can be quickly replaced, minimizing downtime.

Chassis, EAZ, Body, Digital Platform, Assembly, and Processes
A Safety Cell

The chassis of our vehicles forms a robust safety cell. It is assembled from pre-cut panels and connector profiles in a matter of minutes. All mounts for peripherals are slid into the connectors and locked in place using adhesives. This unique design distributes loads from the attached peripherals to the sandwich structure, eliminating the need for costly “inserts” and thereby reducing cost and production time

Delivering Advanced Functions

Our patented connectors and mounts utilize dovetail fittings for strength, versatility, and a standardized interface for attachments to the sandwich structure. This design allows for an efficient distribution of point loads to the skins of the sandwich, resulting in a rigid and robust chassis.

The Power of Innovation

Flat sandwich structures are lightweight, strong, and stiff, yet can be made from very affordable materials. Unlike traditionally built, shaped sandwich structures, our flat sandwich materials retain most of the desirable characteristics while being cost-effective.

Advanced Connectivity at its Core

Our offerings extend beyond our patented platform. We have developed a comprehensive electronic system that emphasizes hyperconnectivity, an intuitive HumanMachine Interface (HMI), effortless connectivity to personal devices and the internet, and future-proof adaptability. As a partner, you have the option to integrate these advanced systems into your LUVs

Our concept LUV, 'The Luvly O', showcases these features:

Hyperconnectivity at the Forefront:
The Luvly O are designed with a focus on hyperconnectivity. The simplicity of the platform extends to the electronics, with our proprietary CAN-bus solution controlling all electric devices via dedicated hubs. The vehicle integrates 4/5G, WiFi, and Bluetooth technology to ensure maximum connectivity.

Intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI): The HMI is meticulously designed to provide maximum usefulness while minimizing driver interference. This ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Effortless Connectivity: The HMI offers effortless connectivity to personal devices, Machineto-Machine (M2M) systems, and the internet. This enhances the overall functionality and convenience.

Adaptable and Future-Proof: The Luvly O platform is designed to be adaptable and future-proof. Technologies such as 6LoWPAN and DASH7 can be easily implemented, providing the flexibility to incorporate emerging connectivity solutions. This keeps our vehicles at the cutting edge of urban mobility technology.

These features are available for integration into your LUVs, offering you the opportunity to enhance your vehicles with the latest in connectivity and user interface technology.


"Compared to electric cars, Luvly vehicles reduce the energy consumption used in production, shipping, and distribution by up to 80%"