A New Approach to Light Vehicle Construction

Detailed image of Luvly Platform

Composite Chassis Made Easy

Our patented technology revolutionizes vehicle construction with a unique approach. The vehicle chassis is built from flat sandwich composite panels joined by extruded aluminum connectors. These connectors serve dual purposes - they join the panels together and act as mounts for all components attached to the chassis.

The design, as described in patent EP3538423 and US patent 11161548, offers a cost-effective, efficient, and innovative solution to develop and build LUVs.
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Chassis technology

Flat sandwich structures and Extruded Aluminum Profiles

The Luvly chassis is assembled from three simple building blocks: Panels, Connectors and Mounts.

The panels are made from flat composite sandwich structures that are lightweight, strong, and stiff, yet can be made from very affordable materials. Unlike traditionally built, shaped sandwich structures, our flat sandwich panels are cost-effective while retaining most of the desirable characteristics.

The connectors are made from extruded aluminum profiles. They are cheap and easy to customize and have two functions in the Luvly Modular Platform; they connect the panels and have a patented interface for attaching the mounts for suspension, motors and other point loads, as well as body panels to the chassis.

The mounts are fully customizable and slide into the connectors where they are fixed using a specially developed adhesive. This unique design distributes loads from the attached peripherals to the sandwich panels, eliminating the need for inserts, reducing cost and production time.

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Composite panelsExtruded aluminum profiles
Luvly Chassis with Energy Absorption Zones
SAFETY technology

Energy Absorption Zones

The chassis is padded with Energy Absorption Zones. Inspired by Formula Racing cars, we call it “Slow formular racing tech”. The absorbers together with the rigid chassis design provides best-in-class passive safety for all passengers.

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Super Light and Flexible

The vehicle body is made from a super light, thin, and flexible thermoplastic that offers several benefits:

  • Snap-On Assembly
    The body parts can be easily assembled and disassembled, making it easy to do maintenance or repair.
  • No Dents, Just Flex
    The flexible material of the body allows it to absorb impacts without denting, so it’ll still look good after a few years in the city.
  • No Painting or Treatment Required
    The body retains its appearance without the need for additional treatments, reducing production and environmental costs.
  • Easily Recyclable
    The thermoplastic material is easily recyclable and the body panels can also be produced from recycled plastic.
  • Quick Replacement
    Any damaged part can be quickly replaced at low cost.
Closeup image of snap-in mounts for thermoplastic body

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"Compared to electric cars, Luvly vehicles reduce the energy consumption used in production, shipping, and distribution by 80% or more"