Where Innovation and Passion Converge

Our dedicated team comprises visionary leaders, seasoned entrepreneurs, skilled engineers, and talented designers who share a common goal of revolutionizing urban transportation. With their diverse backgrounds and expertise, they are the driving force behind our mission to shape the future of urban mobility.

Pioneering Urban Transportation Innovation

Luvly began its transformative journey over 15 years ago, with a clear mission to bring about significant change in urban transportation. Our goal was to simplify and improve techniques and processes, ensuring vehicles are optimally designed for the specific demands of urban environments.Through continuous innovation, we've utilised our industrial expertise to develop the groundbreaking Luvly platform - a remarkable industrial achievement that reimagines the fundamentals of vehicle production, empowering cities and shaping the future of urban mobility.


The Early Years

During this period, we established Vehiconomics AB, laying the foundation for our journey. We developed our first and second-generation chassis, crafting a retro LUV with three wheels and creating a fully functional prototype. Collaborations with prestigious organizations such as KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), Swedish Energy Agency, SEMCON, Autoliv, Safeman group, Biltema, Orbital Australia, and Composite design (Koenigsegg) propelled our progress.


Advancements and Challenges

Continuing our pursuit of excellence, we introduced our third-generation chassis, designed road-approved prototypes, and conducted rigorous testing. Despite garnering significant media attention and showcasing our innovations at trade shows, Vehiconomics AB faced challenges in achieving target costs for the technology and slow market development within the LUV segment.


A New Beginning

Luvly AB emerged, marking a new chapter in our journey. We reimagined our chassis concept, developing the next-generation platform that excelled in meeting our target costs. Our core team came together, laying the groundwork for future success.


Innovation and Expansion

During this phase, we intensified our focus on innovation and expansion. The fourth-generation chassis took shape, emphasizing producibility, and underwent comprehensive stress tests based on digital twin technology. We sought global protection for our inventions, filing patent applications in PCT, US, and India. Additionally, we explored various application possibilities, including 2-seater vehicles, Robotaxis, and Last Mile Delivery vehicles.


Growth and Success

Our efforts yielded remarkable results during this period. Patents were granted in the EU and USA, with an ongoing application in India. Collaborating with Etteplan, we engineered and constructed a drivable prototype, while planning and designing Luvly O, our flagship product. The launch design was entrusted to Joachim Nordwall, a renowned automotive designer. The global launch of Luvly O marked a significant milestone for our company. In Q4 2022, our first "small-scale" production site became operational, kickstarting our business ecosystem and forging partnerships in sales. We proudly secured our first license customer, Martin Technologies, with a focus on supplying EVs to US-based OEMs. Furthermore, we filed two additional patents in PCT, one of which received approval in the US.