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Luvly in the media


"[Luvly] delivers the same service with a fraction of the resources. That’s good – that’s what we need to do."

Rebecca Cairns
October 9, 2023
Daily Mail

“Swedish technology company Luvly launches a flatpack electric car. A strong, lightweight safety cell using sandwich composites and added Energy Absorption Zones to the outside.”

Ryan Hopper
Daily Mail
August 2, 2023

"While IKEA gave the world flat-pack furniture, a fellow Swedish company, technology firm Luvly, has just produced the Luvly O - a new electric car for the city."

Rhiannon Ingle
June 4, 2023
The Sun

"It won’t need a petrol station or an electric hub, with the removable batteries being able to be charged either at home or at work."

Jon Rogers
The Sun
June 3, 2023
The Telegraph

"First, Ikea gave the world flatpack furniture. Now their compatriots are offering the world’s first flatpack electric cars."

Jack Simpson
The Telegraph
June 1, 2023

"Worldwide certainly, the trend is up. McKinsey believes the global market for small electric vehicles such as the Luvly could be worth as much as $100bn a year by 2030."

Heather Farmbrough
May 30, 2023

"Shipping the vehicles in individual panels allows for potentially massive savings in terms of transport costs."

James Attwood
May 11, 2023

"To meet an acceptable level of safety without piling on weight, the Luvly O borrows from the design of formula racing cars with energy-absorbers positioned around the chassis and passengers enveloped in a 'sandwich-composite safety cell'."

Nat Barker
May 9, 2023

“Most electric cars on the market have a larger-than-life footprint. But the Luvly O combines two notable Swedish trends for its concept EV: Minimalism and Ikea.”

May 8, 2023
Business Insider

"What makes the Luvly O different from other little EVs? The idea is to flat-pack each car's parts and then assemble them at 'microfactories' close to customers, cutting down on shipping emissions and costs."

Tim Levin
Business Insider
May 1, 2023

"This low energy consumption means the Luvly needs a smaller battery to get around, and the standard battery is just 6.4kWh."

Jameson Dow
April 15, 2023
ZAG Daily

"On board the microcar expansion trend, Swedish mobility brand Luvly wants to reshape the role of the car in cities with an alternative that is cheaper, sustainable and efficient."

Yohanna Pinheiro
ZAG Daily
February 20, 2023

"They weigh significantly less than a car (a fifth of the weight of a Tesla) and virtually all Luvly vehicle parts are recyclable and can be made from renewable materials."

Jonathan Bell
February 11, 2023
Fast company

"It’s fitted with a smaller battery, uses less material (the exterior is recyclable thermo-plastic), and costs less to run."

Talib Visram
Fast Company
February 2, 2023

"Luvly has patented a platform that simplifies the construction of 3D composite sandwich structures, enabling a more affordable means of production without compromising on the LUVs overall lightness and strength."

Max Lunn
January 26, 2023

"Partnering with Luvly equips you with a robust platform and dedicated support, empowering your journey in the mini-mobility market and enabling the creation of unique, sustainable LUVs."