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Sustainable, Affordable, Safe

Luvly’s Modular Platform stands out as a novel, rational and cost-effective approach to developing modern city transports - Light Urban Vehicles. Our patented technology is the result of many years of research and development. Sandwich composite panels are combined to form a safety cell around the passengers with the help of extruded aluminum profiles with integrated mounts. The technology gives almost unlimited flexibility and possibility to customize solutions. Combined with Luvly Energy Absorption Zones EAZ, this provides best-in-class passive safety while maintaining a low weight and high energy efficiency.

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Modular and flexible

One Platform Fits All

The Luvly platform is based on a set of fundamental parts, which can be combined to achieve an almost infinite number of vehicle geometries. These geometries serve as hosts for any desired powertrain, body design, interior etc. This means you can design bespoke vehicles for a specific use case at an affordable cost.

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Luvly’s platform is designed to reduce the carbon footprint in all stages of the product life cycle. An LUV can reduce emissions throughout the life cycle by 80% or more, compared to an electric car.

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Luvly’s platform makes sustainable transportation affordable. Our patented technology is cost-effective even at lower volumes making sure you can market vehicles at an unbeatable price.



Our patented “Slow Formula Racing Tech” utilizes the same principles as Formula 1 race cars to provide maximum safety for all passengers, without compromising weight or cost.


Our Pledge for a Greener Future

We're committed to crafting a sustainable future for urban mobility. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of our design and manufacturing process. From sourcing and material choices to end-of-life recyclability, we're dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of LUVs. Our technology delivers vehicles that require minimal raw materials and consume less energy, significantly reducing CO2 emissions. With Luvly, you're contributing to a greener and more sustainable world.

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Making Sustainable Personal Transportation Affordable for All

In today’s society, electric cars have become status symbols of wealth and environmental consciousness. These vehicles, even though they run on electricity, are far from sustainable. They are often extreme performance cars pumped with expensive technology and batteries adding significant weight to the vehicle. We are convinced that urban transportation must be considerate of the environment, affordable and safe to actually make a significant difference while it still matters.

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A Luvly Platform with Energy Absorbing Zones

Embracing 'Considerate Safety'

At Luvly, safety is not just a feature, it's a guiding principle. We are true to the concept of 'Considerate Safety', which extends beyond the passengers in our vehicles to all road users.

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A Luvly Chassis with a shipping container full of parts

A Streamlined Process

At Luvly, we've streamlined the manufacturing process of Light Urban Vehicles. The sandwich composites at the core of the platform can be produced at a very low cost without compromising on quality or sustainability. The technology has allowed us to adopt a flat-pack distribution model, which makes it possible to ship large quantities of LUV parts globally more efficiently. This significantly reduces both shipping costs and carbon emissions. A single 20' shipping container can ship parts for 20 complete LUVs.

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Simplified Steps to Success

Every journey with Luvly is unique, tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business. We understand that different businesses have different requirements, and we're here to accommodate that.

You might be looking to use our patented technology while managing all other aspects in-house. Alternatively, you might need assistance with concept development or any other stage of the vehicle production process. Our comprehensive toolbox of services is at your disposal, and you can choose what suits your needs best.

The first step is simple: get in touch with us. We're eager to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals in the minimobility market and make your vision a reality.
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"Partnering with Luvly equips you with a robust platform and dedicated support, empowering your journey in the mini-mobility market and enabling the creation of unique, sustainable LUVs."