Shaping the Future of Urban Mobility

A patented, modular platform for Sustainable, Affordable and Safe Light Urban Vehicles

Design, Manufacture and Market Light Urban Vehicles

Luvly’s Platform makes it easy to design, develop and launch affordable LUVs with best in class safety.

We are convinced LUVs are the future of urban transportation offering cost-effective personal transportation that uses a fraction of the resources needed to build, operate and recycle a full-size electric car.

The flexibility of our platform allows you to design any type of light vehicle: the perfect urban 2-seater, a mini van 4-seater, a last-mile delivery van, pick-up truck or a modern sportscar. Your imagination is the only limitation.
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Discover Luvly's Patented Platform for Light Urban Vehicles

The Luvly Platform is all about simplicity. We have simplified the construction, distribution and assembly, and created a solution that supports flexibility in both design and production volumes. The patented technology behind this platform is a result of several years of meticulous experimentation and innovation.

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luvly chassis with components
A large SUV compared to a light urban vehicle

Why is Minimobility the Next Big Thing in Transportation?

There is a gap between e-bikes and electric cars. A space where a new class of vehicles will allow people all over the world to transition not only from ICE to electric, but also from heavy to light, giving users freedom of mobility in an environmentally sustainable product at an affordable price. McKinsey estimates that the minimobility segment will reach a serviceable addressable market of 300 billion USD annually.
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Why Choose Luvly as Your Partner?

Luvly’s modular platform gives you flexibility to customize, differentiate and grow. We support unlimited options to build highly customized vehicles that meet your customer needs at an affordable price.
Luvly’s platform includes advanced Energy Absorption Zones (EAZ) and a composite safety cell which delivers best-in-class passive safety without compromising vehicle weight and cost.
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property
Luvly’s platform is a proprietary technology developed over 15 years, and will give you a competitive edge over your competitors.
The carbon footprint of an LUV is significantly lower than traditional EVs in all stages of the product life cycle.
Cost Efficiency
Our technology gives you the financial control you need to manage your production or project costs effectively. Our platform can easily adapt from low volumes to mass production.
Accelerated Time-to-Market
Shorter Time-to-Market
With Luvly’s platform you take a shortcut past years of research and development.