Streamline Your Production Process


Scalable Production and Distribution

At Luvly, we've streamlined the manufacturing process of Light Urban Vehicles (LUVs) through the strategic utilization of sandwich composites. These composites, which can be produced at a very low cost without compromising on quality or sustainability, form the backbone of our unique production method. This method has enabled us to adopt a flat-pack distribution model, allowing us to ship large quantities of LUV parts globally. This significantly reduces both costs and carbon emissions. In fact, a single 20' shipping container can ship parts for 20 complete LUVs! The accelerated timeline from idea to finished product resembles furniture manufacturing, enabling unprecedented cost-efficiency unlike conventional auto development.

Partnership Opportunities

As a vehicle manufacturer, a business in the manufacturing and electronics industries, or a new market entrant, Luvly offers you the opportunity to quickly set up your own "microfactory". This allows you to leverage the rise of minimobility, diversify your offerings, and tap into new growth areas. With our support, you can make a swift and successful entry into this exciting new market.

a orange shipping container with the word Luvly on the side
a orange shipping container with the word Luvly on the side
A picture showing a LUV under a scone
A picture showing a LUV under a scone

Rapid Deployment and Low Capital Expenditure

if you're considering expanding your production site or building a new one, producing LUVs with us requires significantly lower capital expenditure compared to traditional production methods. Since the construction process doesn't involve heavy parts, welding, or surface treatment, the factories can be relatively small and inexpensive. With an existing facility, a factory can be operational within 3-6 months from investment. This enables a short time to market, allowing you to quickly respond to the rising demand for sustainable urban mobility solutions.

Local Production and Job Creation

Our production model also enables local job creation and economic growth. Each microfactory you set up provides employment opportunities and contributes to your local economy. Our model promotes local production, reducing the environmental impact of long-distance transportation. By partnering with Luvly, you can contribute to the growth of your local economy while also making a positive impact on the environment.